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Post  Buzz Gunner on 3/24/2013, 1:53 pm

Being a topwater fanatic...I am always looking for "better" this and that...
last year I found that Lucky Craft makes a special nylon topwater line called Iron Athlete (weird name)...
its not super expensive like I thought so spooled up a t-water rod and tried it a few weekdays in 2012 on my Pfleuger Patriarch reels (I have 12 Patriarch reels...all I have used the past 7 years or so.

I can say "Iron Athlete" flies off the spool well, does not sink much at all, I can see it due to the gold color and it simply is the best ever IMHO.
They only make it to 16# so that is what I got.......because nothing breaks a guy's heart or ruins his day more than a quality bass breaking a line.

Your call.

I have tried many lines the past 10 years and for 2012-13 I settled on Vicious Elite 14# fluoro for cranking (20# for spinnerbait rod) and have been very satisfied...

(also for 2013 -- Sufix 832 gold neon 40# braid for 2 jig rods

and will continue 14# gold Sufix mono for "light plastics/s-head" rod.
The water here is always dingy and with gars/gous/stripers/barfish etc. so manly pound lines are wiser IMHO)
Buzz Gunner
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