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2012/2013 Rules and Regulations for the LaPigstickers Bass Club

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2012/2013 Rules and Regulations for the LaPigstickers Bass Club Empty 2012/2013 Rules and Regulations for the LaPigstickers Bass Club

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Annual membership dues shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00). This includes Club dues ($70) and ($30) ALBC (Association of Louisiana Bass Club) dues.

All club members must maintain a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance on their boats. A copy of insurance must be presented to a club officer prior to fishing their first tournament.

Chapter members must be 16 years of age. Any person under 16 years of age can join as a junior member but does not pay any dues and is not entitled to any regular member benefits.

Club officers consist of President, Vice President (Tournament Director), Secretary, and Treasurer. Club officers are elected annually at September meeting.

Club Officers reserve the right to prohibit anyone from entering the Club.

Interpretation and enforcement of all rules shall be the sole responsibility of the Club Officers.

Club Officers, by majority vote, can terminate any membership for violating any club or state rule/laws.

The officer’s club membership dues are waived annually.

Any rule/bylaw changes must be presented at the August meeting and voted on at the September meeting.

Tournament dates will be voted on 2 months at a time.

The regular monthly meeting will be held the Monday before each tournament of each month at 6:00 PM at Nikki's Restaurant in Vidalia.

Any member can nominate dates and lakes. A coin toss will break all ties.

At the end of the year, $25.00 will be left in the club treasury. The member with the largest bass of the year will receive $50.00. The member with the heaviest stringer will receive $50.00. After these deductions, the top three members (AOY) will be paid as follows:

1st Place- 50% 2nd Place- 30% 3rd Place- 20%

Angler of the Year ties will have the place money added together.

The LaPigstickers Bass Club will fish (12) regular club tournaments and your worst (6) events will be culled.


1st- 100 Points
2nd- 98 Points
3rd- 96 Points
Largest Bass of the Tournament: 2 Points


The entry fee for a Club Tournament shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). Entry fee distribution is as follows:

5% will be deducted from the total collected entry fees and will be used as the “Club” Big Bass Award for the tournament.

5% will be deducted and will be deposited in the Club Treasury. (These monies will be used as awards for prize monies and the end of the year and to defray other club expenses as might be approved at a regular monthly meeting.)

The remaining 90% will be paid out to the Top 3 Finishing Weights (with over 10 competing)

Points and place awards will be determined by weight in pounds and 1/100 pounds. Eligible species are Black, Small-mouth, Kentucky and Spotted Bass. Minimum length shall be 12 inches. All measurements will be made with the mouth closed and moving the tail fin in any manner that will create the longest length. (This same method of measurement will be used on lakes where a slot limit is in effect unless this violates State Wildlife Regulations). Each contestant shall have the right to ask for his/her fish to be flipped over for another measurement.

There will be a maximum five fish limit per contestant weighed in each tournament.

All fish presented for weigh-in must be brought to the scales in a weigh bag with water.

Fishing hours will be from safe daylight until 3:00 PM. The penalty for coming in late is 1 lb per minute, up to a maximum of 5 minutes. After that, the contestant is disqualified.

Late arrivals must pay their entry fee prior to the tournament weigh-in.

If a member is on the lake during tournament hours, they will be required to pay entry fee, unless they have declared that they will not be fishing with the Club before the tournament starts.

The tournament lake is off limits after the monthly Monday meeting till tournament morning.

Only artificial baits may be used. No live or prepared bait will be allowed with the exception of pork rind. No trolling with the outboard will be allowed anytime. Maximum rod length shall be 8 ft.

There will be no fishing within 50 yards of another contestant’s boat which is anchored or tied with the trolling motor out of the water and was in the location first, unless permission has been granted by that angler. Contestants shall not use this method to block access to other areas of the fishing waters. (Example: Mouth of a bayou)

Any member who displays poor sportsmanship or violates any State fishing or boating laws will be promptly disqualified. This is especially true if violations are evident to non-tournament boaters on the same lake.

Intoxication of any contestant during tournament hours will result in immediate disqualification for that tournament.

Guests may fish (1) event in a fiscal year, but must be in the boat with a member. Guests cannot fish any out of town tournaments. Kids under the age of 16 can fish with a member and be eligible to win the tournament big bass (entry is $5).

The Club may host an "OPEN" event anytime during the year. This event is designed to draw new potential members to our club. At the club officers discretion a “percent” of the guest entry fees will be deposited into the club treasury to help offset yearly club expenses, (EXAMPLE: Top Ten entry, Top 6 Entry, High school Tournament, etc.)

Members may fish two to a boat, but your fish may only be weighed in by the person who actually caught them. Contestants are encouraged to use separate live-wells or mark their fish in some way to prevent embarrassing errors. The Club Officers reserve the right to have a live-well check at any time.

Lifejackets MUST be worn anytime the boat is on plane.

The Club Officers serve as the Tournament Committee and all decisions rendered by them are final.

The single largest bass will break any ties for all places. In the case of a tie for Big Bass, it will be up to the anglers in question as to how they will break the tie.

Any contestant leaving before the 2nd horn at blast-off will be docked 2 lbs per stringer.

The club will count your best 6 of 12 events starting from October/ September, for making the Annual Top Ten Tournament and Top 3 year end cash places.

The club will count your best 3 of 6 events, from October - March to qualify for the “TOP SIX” event held annually the 1st weekend in May.
The club will pay the "Best 6" entry fee out of club membership funds.  The club will be reinbursted 33.3% of the final raffle boat ticket sales turned in to the ALBC.  Those moneis will pay for lodging for the "Best 6" event.  Remaining funds will be divided evenly amoung the "Best 6" quailifiers.

During the monthly Monday meeting the club may vote on having a (2) day out of town tournament. These tournaments will be a two day competition consisting of Saturday and Sunday fishing. The tournament hours will be decided at the meeting prior to the tournament. Entry fees for out of town tournaments will be ($100). ($10) per day optional Big Bass.

2012 / 2013 CLUB OFFICERS

President: David Cooper (318-719-2440)

Vice-President: Ricky Gillespie (318-452-2804)

Treasurer: Randy Pitre (601-807-1112)

Secretary: John Bruce (318-719-5804)

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